The Renters Insruance Challenge Story

Where it all began
Eric’s Apartment in 2002. Plainsboro NJ

Eric Narcisco was just like more than sixty five million uninsured renters nationwide when he experienced a small fire in his apartment in 2002. When Eric came home to find his apartment surrounded by fire trucks and his belongings engulfed in flames, he vowed to never go uninsured again. Years later and after countless hours of labor, Eric founded and is now CEO of Effective Coverage, a national insurance agency focused on insuring thousands of renters across the country.

Eric experienced what no modern renter should, a fire while he lacked insurance.

Since that fire in 2002 there has been an increase in the percent of renters that maintain renters insurance. But there is more work to be done. So Eric and the team at Effective Coverage are working with other organizations who believe that all renters should be aware of just why renters insurance is important and how to go about purchasing a policy from their preferred provider.

If you agree that all renters deserve the protection and security that comes with a renters insurance policy please join the Renters Insurance Challenge.

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