Renters Insurance Challenge

The Renters Insurance Challenge members all have one mission.

Educating renters about the value of renters insurance.

 In 2014, 65 million renters in the United States were leasing without renters insurance.

This pervasive lack of insurance among renters comes from lack of awareness of the significant exposure renters face every single day.  There is a team of people supported by several organizations that have joined the Renters Insurance Challenge.  And together we are providing renters with insurance and the education about the affordability and importance of renters insurance.

Our Renters Insurance Challenge is to encourage 40% of the nation’s renters to be insured by the end of 2015!  This small increase will mean 3 million more renters will have the protection they need in the event of a catastrophe.  Whether you purchase the policy from any of the Renters Insurance Challenge member organizations or any other trusted provider does not matter.  We just want as many renters as possible to have renters insurance.

More Renters Than Ever Have Renters Insurance - 44%
More Renters Than Ever Have Renters Insurance – 44%

As a result of our efforts and the efforts of thousands of other insurance professionals across the county, the percent of renters that have renters insurance has increased every year for the past 4 years to historic levels.  But we are not done yet!

Each challenge member agrees to focus on initiatives that may be grouped in one of the following categories:

  • Educate Renters:  The team that supports the Renters Insurance Challenge has been working hard to educate renters about the risks they face when they do not maintain renters insurance. Fire and theft are just two of the many covered perils and renters need to be aware of how and when a renters insurance policy responds.
  • Customer Experience:  Those Renters Insurance Challenge members that are insurance providers are working with the latest technologies to make the customer experience as convenient and intuitive as possible.  While a renters insurance is already the most affordable property and casualty insurance policy available, Renters Insurance Challenge members are also delivering the value that renters have come to expect.
  • Integrity:  Challenge members are only the most reputable companies and organizations in the space dedicated to serving renters.
If you would like to join the Renters Insurance Challenge please contact 800-892-4308 Ext 7