98,000 Apartment Fires

65,000,000 renters live with the risk of not having any protection against a loss as devastating as a fire!  Expenses from replacing their property and even paying for the extra costs associated with the fire are all borne by the renter.  

1,928,465 Burglaries

According to the Uniform Crime Report published by the FBI, there were an estimated 1,928,465 burglaries amounting to an estimated $4.5 billion in property loses.  Even worse is that apartments are 85 percent more likely to get burglarized than single-family homes, according to the National Crime Prevention Council.  Leaving 65,000,000 renters without insurance on the hook for billions!


The Renters Insurance Challenge is designed around collaboration, with the immediate goal of getting 40% of American renters insured by the end of 2015.  Though it might sounds small, this increase will mean 3 million more people will have the protection they need in the event of a catastrophe.  


While there are many factors that can impact the price of renters insurance, one thing remains constant.  Renters insurance is incredibly affordable! Educating renters of the value that comes from paying the average price of just fifty-one cents a day is a core mission of the Renters Insurance Challenge.


Eric Narcisco experienced what no modern renter should, a fire while he lacked insurance.   Because neither Eric nor the person who started the fire had renters insurance, both had to fend for themselves.  Since that fire, Eric has been working hard and forging partnerships to bring renters insurance to all renters.   

Public housing authorities, apartment owners and operators, college housing departments, and other insurance professionals working to raise the level of awareness about renters insurance

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